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Dirty Pig Detail Co.

Wheelie Brush

Wheelie Brush

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Our Short-Handle Wheelie Brush is here to simplify your cleaning routine with its soft bristles and versatile design.

- Multi-Purpose Wonder: While designed with wheels in mind, this brush is a true multitasker. It's equally effective for cleaning wheels, wheel wells, off-road vehicles, or even some of the dirtiest jobs.

- Soft Bristles: The soft, high-quality bristles ensure thorough cleaning without risking scratches or damage to delicate surfaces.

- Short Handle: The ergonomic short handle offers precise control and easy maneuverability in tight spaces. Say goodbye to awkward, hard-to-reach areas that other brushes can't tackle.

- Durable Build: Crafted to last, this brush is made with durability in mind. It's ready to handle tough cleaning tasks day in and day out.

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