About Us

At Dirty Pig Detail Co., we live and breathe the art of detailing. Founded by Jerico Balduf and Alexa Akers, two dedicated automotive enthusiasts, we understand the unrelenting pursuit of that pristine shine. Our journey began with a shared passion for meticulously caring for our vehicles, from daily drivers to high-performance race cars.

Tired of being let down by products that promised the moon but delivered mere pebbles, we embarked on a mission to create the finest detailing solutions. We took matters into our own hands, investing our time and resources into crafting products that meet our exacting standards and leave every vehicle looking its absolute best.

Why Choose Dirty Pig Detail Co.?
- Passion-Driven: We're fellow gearheads, and we make products for those who value quality.
- Uncompromising Quality: Each product is rigorously tested and perfected to ensure top-notch results.
- Constant Innovation: We never rest on our laurels; our product line is always expanding.
- Privately Owned: A small business with a big heart, committed to serving our fellow auto enthusiasts.

Join us in the pursuit of automotive perfection, and experience the difference that passion and precision can make. Discover our range of premium detailing products, meticulously crafted for those who demand the very best.

Keep an eye on our journey as we continue to add new and exciting products to the Dirty Pig Detail Co. family. Get ready to elevate your vehicle's appearance and unleash your inner car-care connoisseur.

Dirty Pig Detail Co. – Where Your Vehicle's Shine Is Our Signature.