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Dirty Pig Detail Co.

‘The Works’ Complete Auto Detailing Bundle

‘The Works’ Complete Auto Detailing Bundle

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This exclusive kit is meticulously curated to provide everything your car needs for both interior and exterior perfection. From the sleek shine of Slick Pig Spray Wax to the powerful punch of Super Squealer Interior Cleaner, each product is crafted for automotive excellence.

The bundle has everything needed for a beautiful ride, including:

Slick Pig Spray Wax- Easy to apply UV Protection

Slick Swine Quick Detailer- Ultimate quick detailer for a spot free finish

Tire Slick Tire Shine- No sling, wet-look tire shine

Super Suds with Carnauba- Wash soap loaded with carnauba for a sleek glossy finish

Pig Spit Glass Cleaner- Streak-free glass cleaner

Super Squealer Interior Cleaner- Interior cleaner that melts away dirt and grime at ease

Pork Rub Interior Dressing- Spray-on conditioner for a new looking interior

Available in 16oz, this all-in-one solution ensures your entire vehicle receives the attention it deserves.

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