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Super Suds With Carnauba

Super Suds With Carnauba

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Super Suds is the premium car wash soap that doesn't just clean but also pampers your vehicle with the brilliance of carnauba wax, all in a super slick, extra foamy, and luxurious formula.

- Premium Carnauba Infusion: Super Suds doesn't just clean; it enhances your vehicle's shine with the power of carnauba wax, leaving it glistening like never before.

- Slick and Thick: The thick and super slick formula ensures effortless gliding as you wash, while the extra foamy action adds to the satisfaction of the cleaning process.

- Versatile Usage: Whether you prefer the classic bucket method or the efficiency of a foam cannon, Super Suds adapts to your choice, offering a professional-level clean every time.

Give your car the royal treatment it deserves with Super Suds ā€“ where incredible shine, slickness, and luxury come together for the ultimate car wash experience.

Directions: Dilute two ounces per gallon of water. Use by hand or with a foam cannon.


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