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Dirty Pig Detail Co.

Dirty Pig Degreaser

Dirty Pig Degreaser

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Specially formulated, heavy duty cleaner that is tough on dirt, grease, grime.


Dirty Pig Degreaser is a robust solution specially formulated to tackle tough dirt, grease, and grime effortlessly. Its heavy-duty formula makes it ideal for removing stubborn residues from various surfaces.



Spray Dirty Pig Degreaser generously and simply wash with water. For heavily soiled areas; a second application and/or agitation of product may be required. Do not allow to dry. Do not use on real pigs


Keep out of reach of children.

May be harmful if swallowed.

Avoid inhalation, skin, and eye contact.

Rinse thoroughly for 15 minutes if irritation occurs.


Warranty: Dirty Pig Detail Co does not, other than purchase price of the product, make warranty for this product. Dirty Pig Detail Co does not accept responsibility for any damages resulted in use of this product due to inability to control the consumer’s handling or use of product.

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