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Dirty Pig Detail Co.

Body Armor Ceramic Spray Coating

Body Armor Ceramic Spray Coating

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Experience a new level of shine and protection with Body Armor Ceramic Detailer, a spray-on solution that's ideal for both ceramic-coated and non-ceramic-coated cars. Embrace a sleek, hydrophobic finish that's easy to apply and leaves your vehicle shining like never before.

- Hydrophobic Marvel: Body Armor Ceramic Detailer isn't just a detailer; it's your secret weapon for adding hydrophobic properties that repels water and keeps your vehicle looking fresh.

- Versatility Unleashed: Whether your car has a ceramic coating or not, this detailer elevates your shine, adding a protective layer that leaves your vehicle gleaming.

- Effortless Application: Simply spray on, let it haze, and then buff it off to reveal the hydrophobic shine. Enjoy a hassle-free process and unmatched results.

Bring out the best in your car with Body Armor Ceramic Detailer. Let your ride glisten and marvel at the power of hydrophobic protection that's always within reach. Unleash the shine, shield your vehicle, and enjoy the hydrophobic brilliance of Body Armor!

Directions: Can be used as a wet or dry application on any painted surface to create a hydrophobic barrier and protect your ride from nature.

Dry application: Apply a light mist to vehicle surface and polish with a clean microfiber for shiny, hydrophobic surface.

Wet application: Wash vehicle and apply light mist to surface then dry vehicle as usual. Use a clean microfiber to buff any residual to a high shine.

Warranty: Dirty Pig Detail Co does not, other than purchase price of the product, make warranty for this product. Dirty Pig Detail Co does not accept responsibility for any damages resulted in use of this product due to inability to control the consumer’s handling or use of product.

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