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Dirty Pig Detail Co.

Fresh Grip Hand Cleaner

Fresh Grip Hand Cleaner

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When the dirt and grime of heavy-duty work threaten to take over your hands, turn to Fresh Grip Hand Cleaner, your trusty sidekick in keeping those hardworking hands fresh and clean.

- Pig-Powered Performance: Our hand cleaner isn't just tough; it's pig-tough! We've harnessed the spirit of resilience from these magnificent creatures to create a hand cleaner that can handle even the grittiest of jobs.

- Pumice Power: Fresh Grip is armed with natural pumice, ready to scrub away the most stubborn dirt, grease, and grime, leaving your hands feeling revitalized.

- Fast and Effective: Say goodbye to endless scrubbing. Fresh Grip's fast-acting formula ensures a quick and thorough clean, saving you valuable time.

- Pig-Themed Fun: Embrace the spirit of the pig with our unique pig-themed branding, adding a touch of character to your cleanup routine.

Apply liberally to hands and scrub until grime is loosened. Rinse with water to reveal insanely clean hands.

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